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Optimizing:  the search for a better way

Illustrated example of multiple to single part Optimization

Customers often depend on our engineering services to review and "optimize" parts for fabrication. "Optimizing" accomplishes a number of objectives:

  • ensures the design of a part or assembly takes full advantage of the advanced capabilities of our state-of-the-art metal forming technologies
  • improves the function or durability of a part or assembly
  • reduces an assembly of multiple parts to fewer parts or a single part

"Optimizing" may reduce:

  • set-up time
  • cycle time
  • turn-around time
  • scrap and waste
  • cost

New and existing designs can be optimized

A part can often be optimized without changing the overall specifications, so your optimized part will fit seamlessly into your existing assemblies and procedures.

Optimized Fabrication photoInterested in finding a better way?

Send us a part , drawing or hand sketch.  We will be happy to provide you with an estimate on your part or project. Contact a sales engineer at 1-800-322-2052 ext. 342. or use our Contact Us form.

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